The Academy goes to….change?


Four years ago, I remember watching the Oscars ceremony with the hopeful inspiration that fills many filmmakers as they watch the awards show. However, there was one disappointing fact staring me in the face the entire time of the show – only one black woman was nominated for an award, and it happened to be that of a maid (Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress in The Help). After the ceremony ended, I also found out that there have only been two black females who have won for Best Lead Actress, and only four black women have won Best Supporting Actress. On the other side of gender, only two black men have won Best Actor, while three black actors have won Best Supporting Actor (Denzel being in both categories, which brings the total actually to four). These depressing statistics gave me the motivation to try and become a writer/director/producer who will create movies with more diverse roles that are taken more seriously and considered for an Oscar nomination and potential win. Continue reading