Currently, I am a student studying English Writing who secretly wishes I would have gone for film studies. While writing is a passion of mine that I that I will never renounce, there isn’t much you can learn about it. Creative writing is a skill that you can practice on your own time, (or in the case of screenwriting just reading The Screenwriter’s Bible). Since I am not able to change my major here I figured why not try and study film on my own time? And why not create a blog chronicling this? There has to be some group of people out there who are also interested in this subject. On a personal note currently I am a screenwriter who hopes to eventually move into directing and/or camerawork. I tend to write more surrealist fiction (meaning I have no idea what I write sometimes), and sometimes I write other types of fiction. Personally I mainly enjoy watching thrillers and works that have a psychedelic feel to it. Some of my favorite auteurs include David LynchSatoshi Kon, and Darren Aronofsky.

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