I realize that I’ve been absent from the blog scene for a fairly decent amount of time (not that my many doting imaginary fans seem to mind – hopefully), and I have decided that I should go ahead and change that little problem. So as of now I  will focus more on steadily keeping content coming out to help make people believe this is an actual functioning blog instead of some random blocks of thoughts I decided to put together because there isn’t much else to occupy my time.

Rare picture of typing process

One of the major issues that comes with running a blog is trying to figure out what exactly it is that people actually want to take time out of their presumably busy lives to read. Thinking along those lines, there’s not really much that I can come up with . There’s already so much out there that it’s hard to say what can possibly be new and inventive enough to draw in a decent enough crowd of interested readers? The answer is that there is none. There is nothing I can possibly say to keep you here.

Don’t know what you were expecting here folks

Getting that out of the way, time to focus on what my purpose with this blog. There are many budding filmmakers out there who have no idea where exactly to start and maintain both an passion and employment in this field. Or maybe I’m the only incredibly clueless one, in which case you can just sit there and watch me flop around this field, trying to figure out where exactly everything is.

So I hope to share not only what I learned, but also spread some of that knowledge with you beautiful people. Or just watch me fail gracefully.



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