What is this blog all about?

This blog is all about the world of cinema from a completely unprofessional, self taught film enthusiast.
I will try and include production terms and concepts and whatnot to help one become more familiar with the workings of a film production. What are all the different positions on a film set? What sort of terminology should one expect for these different jobs? What is a production assistant expected to have to do? (besides being everyone’s personal bitch on set)
Also there will be the random informal film analysis and/or review mainly because I personally enjoy analyzing films. Besides, what king of film enthusiast would I be if I didn’t dissect a film? I do have to warn the reader that I have an untrained eye for everything I am viewing, so I can’t guarantee the most professional analysis. Then again it is an informal analysis so….
Since I am an aspiring filmmaker, I may include some personal works of mine. Usually these productions will be incredibly low budget and may not have the best quality, so just a warning these videos may not always be the prettiest.

While in the future I may pursue formal education of this field, for now I will try and teach myself what I can. Or I may get lucky and learn enough to finally be able to work on a film set. Either way I’m hoping to delve further into the world of cinema and production while at the same time dragging everyone else here with me.(Side note –  I will not include film descriptions of films I analyze since this is not an essay for class and I trust people know how to Google.)


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